RecogNation, an employee recognition blog


RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
It’s Time to recognize: Discover daily insights, ideas, and inspiration on all things employee recognition, corporate culture, and wellness.

10 Ways to Welcome Back Teachers This School Year!

Teachers and school staff are committed, hard working, and dedicated professionals who rarely receive the recognition they deserve. The busy nature of schools makes it common to forget to say a simple “thank you” or “great job” to teachers, volunteers, and staff. Regardless of our hectic schedules, taking the time to recognize the people at your school can have a huge impact on school spirit and morale.


Making the Case for Recognition: Selling the Importance of Your Recognition Program

What is the greatest challenge you face as a recognition professional? Have you ever thought about it? According to Recognition Professional International’s research, the most popular answer is: Achieving management buy-in, management support, and involvement at all levels.

If your greatest challenge as an employee recognition professional is to sell the importance of recognition to your organization’s leadership, and then sell it to people at all other levels, we can help!


Recognition For Business Results: Fuel For Success

Recognition. A word we use one hundred times a day at Baudville, but something that may be not-so-common in your vocabulary. Why is it important? What does it entail? How can I make it happen, along with my 1,000 other to-dos? Why is recognition worth it? We've got the answers for you.


3 More Truths About Change that Matter to Your Workplace

A few days ago, I re-posted an article about dealing with change. As I clicked send, I realized I was kind of hijacking the Baudville Blog for my own purposes (and had actually done so twice now) without really acknowledging what my topic had to do with employee recognition. Hmmm.

Other than for your own personal wellbeing, how does being able to adapt to change affect your ability to engage your team, create a positive culture, and attract and retain talent? Sit tight! I have some answers!


3 C’s of an Engaging Sales Incentive Program

Earlier this month, published an article Top Inside Sales Challenges in 2015. In their survey of 200 companies, the third place challenge for both sales managers and inside sales representatives is motivation. The recommendation for sales managers is to focus on employee engagement, recognition, achievement and personal satisfaction. Here are three ways I’m engaging our sales team to stay on top of their game:




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