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Meet Andrea: A New Mom and Adoptive Parent Shares Her Story

Hello, readers! This is a special edition of our "Getting to Know the Baudville Team" interview series. What's special about it? Well, Andrea, a member of our outbound sales team and Baudvillian since 2007, has something pretty exciting going on and we think it is definitely share-worthy!


Want to Make Your Year-End Party Merry and Mishap Free?

The last time my Content Task Force got together, it was warm enough to meet outside, but, funny enough, our conversation was all about winter holidays. Our customers wanted to know when our popular Spinner Ornaments and other year-end employee gifts would be available, and our readers were talking about how to handle the holidays in the workplace.


Are Your Employees Starving for Feedback?

A friend of mine, who's a teacher, just wrote a post about how distracted his students are when it comes to their phones: always looking for the next Snapchat blip or Instagram follower or Facebook like. I read this and all I could think was: look around! It's not just your students, it's nearly everyone—from adolescents to middle-aged adults. It's true: so many of us are walking around face-down waiting for affirmation.


The Not So Terrible Two's.

Around the age of two, children become mobile, and they start to get into everything! Well, today, we celebrate our sister company, hi5 Recognition's 2nd birthdayand we love that hi5 is exploring, learning, and getting its hands on anything within reach! From service awards, to points and wellness, hi5 provides your company with an all-inclusive technology platform, which you can completely customize for your team. The best part: it's only what YOU want to do and how you want it to be—and we have a superb support team there for you to help you through the whole process.


It’s Boss’s Day. Make it Boss-Some!!

October 16th is recognized as Boss's Day every year. Here are the top 10 Boss's Day gifts I've seen given and received at Baudville – they're easy to duplicate for your boss, give it a try!!

10. Gift Cards. I love getting gift cards and hate giving them. They feel so impersonal. But, if you know 




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