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Idea Round-Up for Celebrating Customer Service Week!

Customer Service Week kicks off next Monday, October 5th! Are you ready to have some fun showing your customer service personnel that you appreciate all they do for your customers and your business? Here’s a quick round-up of our top Customer Service Week resources.


Boss’s Day Gift Ideas That Actually Don’t Suck

Boss’s Day is right around the corner – October 16th. If you have a boss that you love, kinda-sort like, don’t hate, or don’t want to hate you, you should probably plan on getting him or her a Boss’s Day gift. You have two ways to go about this whole Boss’s Day gift-giving thing: you can go out on your own and get your boss something just from you (personal and memorable), or you can pool the team’s monetary contributions and get your boss a group gift (higher ticket item for possible wow-factor). Here’s the good news – no matter which path you choose, we have some awesome gifts full of fun and personality for your favorite boss!


Fascinating Finds: Five Quick Reads to Help Build Better Teams

I’ve spent the last several weeks analyzing teamwork, and considering what makes some teams work and other teams fail. It seems fitting that I continue on this path—after all, we can’t have too much information on this ever-elusive objective. For this month’s Five Fascinating Finds, I’m sharing a variety of great reads covering just about every facet of teamwork. Check them out:


What Makes Your Team Fail? Three Strategies to Avoid Disaster

I was catching up on Project Runway last week, and the episode I was watching featured a dreaded team challenge. If you don’t know what Project Runway is, I will resist the urge to tell you we can’t be friends and provide a polite explanation instead. The show consists of a number of fashion designers who compete against each other weekly to create the winning apparel design. Occasionally, one contestant is paired with another for a challenge, and sometimes the whole group is split into two equal teams. Either of these scenarios is when the cringing starts. And, when things get interesting for those of us who are nerdy about interpersonal dynamics.

First, I couldn’t get over how drastically different the emotions were between these participants and those football players I talked about in my last post. The designers were worried, annoyed, and resistant about working together; the players were excited, optimistic, and confident. Hmmm…


5 “WOW” Customer Service Gifts Your Team Will Love

Customer Service Week is just about three weeks away (October 5-9, 2015). Are you prepared to celebrate and appreciate your hardworking team? If not, I can get you up to speed right away with our top gifts for 2015! I sat down with our fearless New Product Coordinator, Kendra, who was more than excited to show me her favorites, so I can share them with you.




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