RecogNation, an employee recognition blog


RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
It’s Time to recognize: Discover daily insights, ideas, and inspiration on all things employee recognition, corporate culture, and wellness.

Celebrate Everyone on your Team with Fun New Products!

The new product team here at Baudville has been at it again creating some awesome new product to help you celebrate little moments to major milestones, and first days to company wide events! With over 280 new products to choose from, your team will be well taken care of and you can sit back, relax, and pick out your favorite gift to give!


Free and Fun ePraise for Everyone!

Recognition ecards are great for recognizing employees who work different shifts or at offsite locations and popular with many people because they find it easier to type a recognition message to a co-worker than write a handwritten note. For effective everyday recognition, do both! 


Imagine the Possibilities: The Shoe Fits!

I have to say, I am having the best time curating this series on my colleagues’ Imagine the Possibilities™  Card purchases! As much as I love to shop, it’s almost as fun to do it vicariously—especially when it’s for one of my favorite indulgences! This month, I’m featuring Amber, who’s been at the ‘Ville since 2012. Here’s her story…


Fascinating Finds: Meaningful Messages for May

Kaleigh and I just attended TEDxGrand Rapids a couple of weeks ago and we are both feeling inspired and energized from a day of intellectual and gastronomical stimulation. (Yes, the food was spectacular, and, yes, I’ve been raving about it almost as much as the talks!)


Do You Want to Have More Participation in Company Events?

Creating Excitement and Increasing Attendance is Easy as 1, 2, 3…4!

If you’re involved in event planning for your company, you know how much time and effort goes in to making your events successful. You also know that there are good reasons your company hosts these activities: to build energy around new initiatives, to celebrate the achievements of the year, to provide moments of ice-breaking and fellowship among teams, and more. If you can’t get your employees engaged or interested in them, it can be both a disappointment as well as a waste of your time and your company’s money to continue. You might think the answer is to just stop having these events, but there’s a better answer than that: start making them better! How?




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