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RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
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Are Your Employees Getting By with a Little Help from Their Friends?

If you’ve been in the workforce for a while, you’ve probably had at least a few different jobs and you’ve likely had a diversity of experiences—with co-workers, bosses, cultures, environments. Of these, what stood out to you? Or stands out to you now? For me, it has been the times when I’ve had a confidant. Not a friend necessarily, but someone I admired and trusted. Someone who didn’t just challenge me to be better, but also helped me get there. Someone whose example I could emulate, even it was as simple as how to dress or carry myself in a meeting. And, most importantly, someone who was benefitting from me, too—and I knew it and it helped build my confidence even more.


National High Five Day Recap

High five (n): a gesture of celebration or greeting in which two people slap each other's open palm with their arms raised.

If you follow Baudville on social media, you know by now that when there’s any reason to observe uncommon holidays, we're the ones to do it! Yesterday, we rolled up our sleeves, concentrated on the elbow, and gave out high fives all day long in celebration of National High Five Day


Imagine the Possibilities: When a Service Anniversary Gift Comes to the Rescue!

Last month, I started a new series to share with you all the fun ways our Baudvillians use their hi5 Imagine the Possibilities™ Award Cards for their service anniversary gifts. If you missed that post, it features me! and you can find it here. At Baudville, we celebrate all anniversaries, not just the milestone ones like 5- and 10-years. That means everyone gets a chance to be rewarded for their loyal service, not just the veterans!


Our 5 Favorite Pinterest Boards for Administrative Professionals Day Ideas

It's that time again to celebrate your hardworking administrative professionals at your organization! Administrative Professional's Day is April 22nd, are you ready? If not, no sweat! Below are some of our favorite Pinterest boards to help you get ready in no time and make an impression on your recipients.


Recognizing Your Employees: 'How' is Just as Important as 'With What'

Imagine presenting an award as a recognition effort in front of the entire company, only to find your employee breaking out in a nervous sweat, acting uncomfortable, and privately holding it against you? Chances are, your good deed turns into a negative experience for the reciever and leaves you questioning your actions.




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