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From Mediocre to Magnificent—What Does it Take to Have a Positive Culture?

Ever wonder what it would be like to work at Google? When the movie, The Internship, came out I was quite jealous that people could work in cultures as entertaining as what Google’s looked like. That is, until I came to Baudville! We may not have those impressive nap pods, but we do have a ping pong table and welcoming people! There is a positive culture here, and it’s become that way because of the people who work here. So how can you spread positive mojo in your office? Enjoy 13 quick and easy ways to take your mediocre office culture and turn it into a positive place to be!


6 Last Minute Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day is NEXT WEEK FRIDAY, March 6th! Here are six great last minute ideas to help you show your valuable employees how grateful you are for the work they do every day!


Your Employee Recognition Program Is Falling Flat... Now What?


I was chatting with an old friend the other day, and he looked at me seriously and said, "Allison, I have to tell you about this embarrassing thing that's happening at work!" I'm not sure exactly what kind of emotional torture I imagined was going on, but as he revealed it, all I could do was laugh.


My Five Favorite Fascinating Finds: Fresh Ideas for February


I’m not exactly sure when I became a football fan, and I’m not certain I really am a fan of the game as much I am a fan of a good reason to cook chili and lie on the couch on a Sunday afternoon. The reason I bring this up is that with the Super Bowl wrapping up the season in early February comes the stark reality that the rest of the month is going to have to work pretty hard to be interesting. (This is my current explanation for why February is so abominable, anyway.) If you’re feeling that way, too, and looking for something to bring to your next water cooler conversation, check out these fascinating finds for February!


Unique Ways to Recognize Your Team

Regular recognition is an important part of keeping your team motivated and engaged, but coming up with creative ways to recognize can be difficult. To help keep your team engaged all year long, try a few of our unique ways to recognize your team.




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