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Recognition Fun at the 'Ville - An IT Surprise!

 When she's not managing everything in our digital world (or baking some pretty tasty things) you may find her mischievously planning a prank or two (all in good fun, of course!) This time we caught Kimberly, our Digital Marketing Manager, in a surprise "prank" purely meant for a little surprise recognition!


Volunteer Week: Giving Back to Those Who Give


National Volunteer Week is right around the corner! On the days of April 12-18, we will be celebrating the contributions made by many across the country who work towards efforts bigger than themselves and seek out selfless ways to engage in their communities and workplaces. Working together, inspiring, and recognizing are all important parts of celebrating throughout the week.


Are You Making First Days Memorable in the Right Ways?

Have you ever showed up on your first day of a job and it was obvious your new employer wasn’t the slightest bit prepared? Maybe you were left in the lobby for 45 minutes until someone had a minute to come and collect you. Or, you got to your desk and it was still full of the last person’s belongings. Could be everyone was eying you strangely, wondering if you were an interloper or actually supposed to be there.


My Five Favorite Fascinating Finds: Must Reads for March

Culture, culture, culture. Everyone is talking about it, including me in several recent posts. As Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, says, “For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.” In my experience, this is absolutely true. And, in Zappos’ experience, too, eh?


5 Simple Ways to Be the Co-Worker You Want to Work With

We’ve all heard the quote, “you become like the five people you spend the most time with.” Considering we spend a hefty amount of our time at the office, it can be easy for the relationships around us to influence our attitudes and perspectives. When it comes to the workplace (where productivity and positivity should be abundant), that isn’t always the case. Instead of pointing the finger, starting with yourself is the first step towards making positive changes. Ask yourself: what kind of influence are you being on your workplace?  It's the little changes that make big differences! Here I’ve come up with 5 simple ways to be the co-worker you want to work with:




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