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RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
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5 Favorite Fascinating Finds: Onboarding Ideas for April!

If you’ve been following the Baudville Blog, then you know that onboarding is a really hot topic. One so smoking that we did a whole issue of RecogNation on it! You can read it here, if you haven’t checked it out already.


Recognition Fun at the 'ville - Recognizing the Silent Ninja

Recognition from one Baudville veteran to another = Priceless.

We caught Bruce, our Director of CRM, in recognition action! He has been at the 'ville since 1993 (yeah, that's a long time) and can be known around here as "maloney", is always saying hello to everyone with a smile on his face, and truly enjoys the people he works with. Melissa who has been here since 2002, who does a lot to keep this ship running, was his target in this recognition moment...


Our Interview with Roberta Matuson, Onboarding Expert and Talent Maximizer!

When we seek out our interviewees for the back cover of our RecogNation publication, we’re looking for people who can elevate our stories with their own professional experience and their own personal twist. I discovered Roberta Matuson while researching the broad topic of onboarding, and, although she was a complete stranger to me, I took a risk and reached out to her. What luck! She was so willing, gracious, and enthusiastic—and ended up being the ideal contributor to this issue’s topic.


How-To: Affordable DIY Teacher Appreciation Craft!

With Teacher Appreciation Week just around the corner (May 4-8, 2015), and year-end upon us, it's time to start thinking about showing your teachers and staff just how much you appreciate all of the hard work they've put in this school year!

As a parent of a pre-kindergartener and a 2nd grader, I have such admiration for all of the patience, love, and dedication my kids' teachers put into their everyday classroom routines and activities. One of my kids can be a bit of a challenge (we all have one, don't we?) and his teacher has been incredible with him this year so I want to make sure she knows how much we value her!


Nurses Work Hard, Make Sure to Say Thank You!

My mom knew she wanted to be a nurse her entire life and has been in the medical field since she graduated from nursing school. She has worked in the emergency room most of her career and it has been a very demanding profession physically and emotionally for her, especially more now as she nears retirement.




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