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It's another exciting week full of recognition here at Baudville. This time a manager used one of our free downloads from the Recognition Resource Center to help pull off a recognition moment!


2015 Human Resource Resolutions #5: Recruiting Top Talent

With the turn of the economy, we’ve seen a big shift in the job market. Movement is happening at increasing rates, and all of a sudden we’re finding ourselves in the backseat in the talent race. You mean I actually have to RECRUIT for my open positions? Candidates aren’t knocking on MY door for a job? Recruiting is real and it’s even more real in 2015 than it’s been in a lot of years. As you take off your HR policy hat (or whichever one you’re wearing today) and put on your recruiting hat, here are three questions to consider when looking to recruit top talent in 2015.

1. How well do you know yourself?
Your company culture is what it is. You may or may not like it, but it’s not going to change overnight with a few new hires. Having a clear concept of your actual company culture will help you put talent in place that will work hard for your company and stick around. Hiring a good culture fit and training for skills is going to be more beneficial to your company in the long run. Looking to change your culture? Here are a few tips to help you get started.


Take a Compliment. No, Really, TAKE a Compliment. They’re Free!

“I love your boots,” she said. To which I replied, “Oh, these. They’re really old and kind of beat up, but yeah, um, thanks.” Hmmm. Some of us stink at taking compliments. Not that I’m fighting them off constantly or anything, but I have been trying harder to graciously receive compliments rather than attach some disclaimer that ruins the entire transaction. I guess I still fall back on my old ways from time to time. I know many of you are the same way, or they wouldn’t make so many eCards about it!


2015 Human Resources Resolutions: #4: Event Participation/Planning


Is your office calendar starting to fill up as the New Year is under way? Unfortunately the busier we get, the easier it is to forego events around the work place. If you’re involved in event planning for your company, it is most likely with an end goal of gaining employee engagement and building a positive energy within the walls of your workplace…


Ten Speaker Gifts to Express Appreciation

If your organization frequently has guest speakers attend your meetings, you most likely want to show your appreciate for their time and efforts in the form of a gift. Speaker gifts are commonly presented to speakers following their presentation at meetings and conferences. Giving a gift is a polite and respectful way to thank an individual for sharing their time, talent, and knowledge with your group. It also helps to generate goodwill with your organization, so they'll be more willing to return in the future!




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