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6 Free Tools Everyone Should Be Using for Employee Recognition

 We are always trying to offer new content and tools on that help you and your managers become rock stars of employee recognition. It is an important part of every organization to maintain an employee recognition program that includes everything from the quick and easy day-to-day recognition tools to the more formal awards for annual year end ceremonies or larger accomplishments.

Our Recognition Resource Center is the hub of all things employee recognition. It has everything you need to get informed, get ideas, be prepared, and to recognize!


Have a Spooktacular Halloween Celebration at the Office!

As you know, Halloween is just a few short days away! The suddenly never-ending candy supply at your office may have been a dead giveaway. And, although Halloween is a holiday that is typically set aside for young children, grown-ups are allowed to have a little fun too!


365 Days Later… How the Equest Saddle Safari Sensory Trail is Making a Difference

Last year, we embarked on a journey to honor and celebrate our 30th Birthday as a company. We partnered with the Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding, a local organization whose mission is to improve quality of life for physically, mentally, and socially/emotionally challenged individuals through equine-based therapy. The goal of this partnership was to build a brand-new sensory riding trail on  their beautiful property – the first of its kind in the WORLD.


Read Our Interview with facilitator, speaker, and coach: Kaley Warner Klemp!

When we begin the process of developing each RecogNation publication, on our minds is always: "Who will be our interviewee for the back cover?" Sometimes we know who we want it to be, and that individual's perspective drives the subject matter. Other times, the overarching story leads us to seek 


Welcome Amy: Guest Blogger, Career Development Diva, and Writer Extraordinaire!

I met Amy in the virtual world when she expressed interest in our "Can We Talk" RecogNation issue. After a bit of not creepy at all stalking on LinkedIn, I discovered that she has a wonderful collection of articles that she’s written that resonated with me and with the Baudville message. I also learned that Berkeley College, where Amy serves as Assistant Vice President of Career Services and Alumni Relations, uses Baudville products for its customer service initiatives. Sweet!

Her credentials include more than 30 years of experience in the fields of recruiting and career services. She joined Berkeley College in 2009 as Director of Alumni Placement and was promoted to her current position in June of 2014. In this role, Amy oversees all alumni and career development needs, including skill development, resource support, and conflict resolution.




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