RecogNation, an employee recognition blog


RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
It’s Time to recognize: Discover daily insights, ideas, and inspiration on all things employee recognition, corporate culture, and wellness.

Fascinating Finds: Go Onboard Yourself, Why Don’t You?

When we first started understanding the value of good onboarding, I began compiling all kinds of research and data on the subject. I now have a massive repository of information filled with statistics and best practices—all to help companies be better at welcoming and acclimating their new team members. I compiled my learnings into an issue of RecogNation  and we have also segmented a part of the Baudville Blog to this meaty topic. Along the way, a funny thing happened: I stumbled on an article written by a faraway connection, who has, in the past, enthusiastically contributed to our blog. She had a different take: how to help employees be better at onboarding themselves.


Professional Changes: 5 Feelings of Transition in The Workplace

Change. Transition. These words can mean so many things – many times people perceive them as nasty four-letter words. When is the last time that you made a change in your professional life? How did you handle the ups and downs? What were your fears and joys? After five years of leading the Baudville Outbound Sales team, I took a leap of faith. Looking more toward my future and what I wanted out of my career, I decided to make a change. Here is my story…


Imagine the Possibilities: A Little Something for Everyone!

Weddings, wedding, weddings! There must be love potion in the water at the ‘Ville, as it seems everyone is tying the knot lately. Last month, Alan was getting ready for his wedding, and just recently Lisa recited her vows. In the last couple of months, members of our sales suite and IDville did, too.

Lisa, who is our Client Services Manager for hi5, happens to sit right near me, so I got to hear all the updates about her nuptials—and how the Imagine the Possibilities™ card she got for her Baudville anniversary was a part of it all! Here’s her story:


Does What Matters Click With Your Team?

Think about your company values or, on a smaller scale, your department's main mission. Those pursuits were established because they are proven to make your business successful. If every person on your team focused 100% of their energy on achieving those objectives alone, where would you be? On top of the world, right?

If you don't currently have a recognition program in place, start small. Think about the number one core value that matters to your business and broadcast it. Then reward your team members every time they fulfill it. Pretty soon, they'll start to get the picture!


With Employee Recognition, There’s No Big Without Small

At 11:30 on the Sunday night before last, I stepped off a plane after a whirlwind weekend in New York City. Then, just four days later, my parents pulled in my driveway and I hopped in their car for a road trip to Iowa. Talk about two ends of the spectrum: sky-high buildings, swarming streets, and foreign accents were replaced with top hat-high corn, long stretches of desolation, and mid-western drawls. Now I’m back at work trying to make sense of it all.




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