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RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
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Recognition For Business Results: Fuel For Success

Recognition. A word we use one hundred times a day at Baudville, but something that may be not-so-common in your vocabulary. Why is it important? What does it entail? How can I make it happen, along with my 1,000 other to-dos? Why is recognition worth it? We've got the answers for you.


3 More Truths About Change that Matter to Your Workplace

A few days ago, I re-posted an article about dealing with change. As I clicked send, I realized I was kind of hijacking the Baudville Blog for my own purposes (and had actually done so twice now) without really acknowledging what my topic had to do with employee recognition. Hmmm.

Other than for your own personal wellbeing, how does being able to adapt to change affect your ability to engage your team, create a positive culture, and attract and retain talent? Sit tight! I have some answers!


3 C’s of an Engaging Sales Incentive Program

Earlier this month, published an article Top Inside Sales Challenges in 2015. In their survey of 200 companies, the third place challenge for both sales managers and inside sales representatives is motivation. The recommendation for sales managers is to focus on employee engagement, recognition, achievement and personal satisfaction. Here are three ways I’m engaging our sales team to stay on top of their game:


The 7 Truths About Change You Need to Know Today

Recently, in my little corner of the ‘Ville, change happened. A colleague who had been by my side since my first day here moved on. She didn’t just move on, she moved out of state, actually. And, she wasn’t just a fellow employee, she was, professionally speaking, my rock; personally speaking, a cherished friend. As someone who has always been flexible with change, I stiffened with this one. It was too much to accept and I let my despondency get the better of me for a good week or more. Tears in the bathroom stall, tears walking the aisles at Target, tears as I type this now. (I guess I haven’t quite recovered yet, have I?)

I realized I needed to snap out of it, so I dug out a piece of my own advice—a post I wrote last year around this time—about dealing with change. Since it bears repeating for my own benefit, I figured it would be a worth re-sharing with our readers, too. After all, change happens every day to all of us in some form: new people come in, familiar faces leave; new technology is embraced, old ways are abandoned. With that in mind, here’s the meat of that post…


The Key to Staff Recognition that Supports the Fan Experience

If you’re a business, you rely on the patronage of your customers to keep the doors open, and customers flock to businesses where they have a positive experience. Businesses spend millions of dollars annually on their décor, marketing, product, and packaging to earn a returning customer. However, one of the best business practices to earn a loyal customer has nothing to do with how a storefront appears or what a company sells. It’s how well a customer is treated, and your employees’ job satisfaction has a direct impact on it...




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