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RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
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3 Mantras for Motivation During Busy Summer Months

Mantra. “A group of words that have psychological power.” Now, I wouldn’t call myself a spiritual-guru per se, but I do know the power of positive words and reminders. Summer is upon us, and more often than not I find myself looking for motivation and ways to keep my eyes on the prize, refocusing on what’s in front of me instead of the sunshine and blue skies outside while at my desk.


Fascinating Finds for June: The Joy of Generations

I was reading an article the other day that says that there are currently five generations in the workplace. Huh, I always thought there were three. Or two, if you only consider the two that are getting all the attention. Turns out, we’re in a unique place right now, where the oldest members of Generation Z are entering the workplace and members of the Greatest Generation are returning to it. Wow, talk about a generation gap!


3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Company

This year Baudville has been named one of 101’s Best and Brightest companies to work for. This is our eighth year in a row! (Woo!) But what exactly makes us the best and the brightest? Is it our fun, light-hearted attitude? Or our work-life balance? Maybe our Ping-Pong table? I believe all of these things factor into us being one of the greatest companies in West Michigan… But what else makes a company bright?


Presenting a Memorable Customer Service Award

Purpose: To recognize customer service representatives for customer service excellence and reinforce desired behavior.


How to Prepare and Survive Extended Leave from Work

A few weeks ago I returned from 10 weeks of being out of the office on maternity leave. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked the question, “So how’s it going being back to work?”

Being out for an extended period of time is always interesting. I just had my fourth baby, so I’ve done this whole maternity leave thing a few times. There are three pieces to the process, in my opinion, so I will give you my “speak-from-experience” advice on how to leave, be gone, and return as smoothly as possible.




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