RecogNation, an employee recognition blog


RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
It’s Time to recognize: Discover daily insights, ideas, and inspiration on all things employee recognition, corporate culture, and wellness.

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Jenny became a Baudvillian in 2013 and started out as a member of our sales team. She seemed to have a creative knack for Marketing and joined ranks with Krista in 2014 as Baudville's second Web Marketing Coordinator. She loves our products and probably owns every piece of drinkware we have to offer! Equipped with great knowledge of our customers and products, she's excited to help make your web experience even better!
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Baudville Summer Wrap Up!

Nothing says summer like your company picnic! And here at Baudville that is exactly what we did to celebrate the end of a beautiful Michigan summer and the start of a new school year!


10 Ways to Welcome Back Teachers This School Year!

Teachers and school staff are committed, hard working, and dedicated professionals who rarely receive the recognition they deserve. The busy nature of schools makes it common to forget to say a simple “thank you” or “great job” to teachers, volunteers, and staff. Regardless of our hectic schedules, taking the time to recognize the people at your school can have a huge impact on school spirit and morale.


The Key to Staff Recognition that Supports the Fan Experience

If you’re a business, you rely on the patronage of your customers to keep the doors open, and customers flock to businesses where they have a positive experience. Businesses spend millions of dollars annually on their décor, marketing, product, and packaging to earn a returning customer. However, one of the best business practices to earn a loyal customer has nothing to do with how a storefront appears or what a company sells. It’s how well a customer is treated, and your employees’ job satisfaction has a direct impact on it...


Spread Positive Mojo!

Are you looking to spread positive mojo in your office? We've put together 7 quick and easy ways to take your mediocre office culture and turn it into a positive place to be!


3 Ways to Get More Involved at Work!

From the time we were little, being involved in clubs, teams, or serving our communities has been engrained in us as a great way to build relationships and fill our resumes. Sadly, it seems like once we land the job, we stop engaging in these ways with our workplace peers. But the benefits of “being part of something” are still very much alive and well. So how can you, or your team, get more involved at work? We’ve got some ideas!




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