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The wait is over, new trophies are here!

And the winner is…



OK, OK, just kidding – but I tell you what, we are coming out with some fantastic trophies and awards. 

One of my favorite parts of my job is being "behind the scenes" for much of the product development cycle—from the first idea, to the drawings, to the samples, all the way to the final production! Though I have absolutely nothing to do with developing new products, except a few "that's awesome" or "nice works" here and there, I have a front-row seat to our designers and creative team at work, every day. (Perks to working in the creative suite!)


Boost Performance with These Tips for Call Center Incentive Contests!

If you run a call center, you're probably always brainstorming new tactics for increasing sales or improving the service experience. Usually these initiatives are driven by overarching corporate-level goals, like promoting new products, increasing visibility in a new market, or launching seasonal campaigns. In more service-oriented centers, the focus may be less on sales and more on call handling/resolution time. Whatever your initiative, it's one thing to broadcast these efforts, so that everyone knows their objectives. But, if you add some excitement and healthy competition to the mix, you can achieve better results and improve morale at the same time. 


Could Summer Be Your Secret Weapon to Increasing Employee Engagement?

Here's a confession: although I've been in the professional world for more than 20 years, I still don't know everything. ::sigh:: Don't tell anyone, OK?


Out of the Mouth of HR. Issue 1: Onboarding.

Our team just returned from the SHRM 2014 Annual Conference and Exposition, and—wow—are they buzzing! So many great conversations filled with a-ha moments! 

In their chats with booth visitors, our staff noticed some common pain points that are poking HR managers this year. I'll be covering those prickly issues in this four-part series—follow it to learn more!


A Truly Amazing Race!

Well Race day came and went and it was a beautiful day for a run! Historically held on a rainy, cold and dreary day, runners were pleasantly surprised with sunshine.  I, personally, was extremely thankful for that.



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