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Celebrate Flexible Summer Hours!

Baudville is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan . If you've never been to Michigan's west coast in the summer, I highly recommend it as a summer vacation destination. We've got some of the best fresh water beaches, great dining, and some fantastic boutiques!

Given that it's so awesome outside, it's not easy to spend the few weeks of sun and fun that we have sitting behind our desks! Much to our surprise, a few weeks ago our CEO announced that we are going to pilot a summer hours program in order to enjoy a little more outside time with our friends and loved ones!


Could Summer Be Your Secret Weapon to Increasing Employee Engagement?

Here's a confession: although I've been in the professional world for more than 20 years, I still don't know everything. ::sigh:: Don't tell anyone, OK?


Visit Us at SHRM 2014 to Learn More About the Benefits of Employee Onboarding!

The SHRM 2014 Annual Conference and Exposition is just weeks away, and we, at Baudville, are getting ready to talk all things employee recognition with the scores of HR Superstars who stop by booth 1379. This year, we're focusing on how all of the moments in a person's career matter and how Baudville can help you give them the fanfare they deserve. From the first day on the job, to important milestones, to everyday wins, to that final day of retirement, you can make an impression that will make a difference. On morale. On performance. On engagement. On everything.


Can We Talk About the Power of Recognition?

I'd love to tell you that I don't love to toot my own horn, but, the truth is, I'm a tooter. Sometimes you simply have to take matters into your own hands! A solo performance isn't a bad thing once in a while, but it is nothing like when everyone picks up an instrument and starts playing in your personal symphony. 



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