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Employee Retirement Series. Part 2: Planning the Right Celebration

As I mentioned in my first post in this series, in the next five years many members of the Baby Boomer Generation will be retiring. They could be leaving companies they've been with for 40-plus years or five years—and, while honoring them in a meaningful way is a must, the way they are celebrated will likely be different depending on their years of service. 


The wait is over, new trophies are here!

And the winner is…



OK, OK, just kidding – but I tell you what, we are coming out with some fantastic trophies and awards. 

One of my favorite parts of my job is being "behind the scenes" for much of the product development cycle—from the first idea, to the drawings, to the samples, all the way to the final production! Though I have absolutely nothing to do with developing new products, except a few "that's awesome" or "nice works" here and there, I have a front-row seat to our designers and creative team at work, every day. (Perks to working in the creative suite!)


My Five Favorite Fascinating Finds: Ah-Ha Moments for August!

I just completed the latest issue of RecogNation (you're going to love it, I promise!), and I've also been transitioning to a new role that has me focusing more on writing articles, blog posts, and eBooks. In the process of all this I have read a lot of articles to help inform my work. I mean A LOT.

This got me thinking: I can distill much of what I've read, but many of these pieces are just too good—and deserve to be kept intact with the original author's intended spirit. So, I've decided that, every month, I'm going to share my five favorite finds. I had a lot to choose from this month, but I


Getting to know the Baudville Team: Meet Kylee!

Baudville is no ordinary place to work – we drop our executives into dunk tanks, pour our hearts into philanthropic ventures together, and wear jeans for a good cause. For these reasons, our team members are no plain Janes or even Stevens either – they're super stellar rock stars! Get to know them one-by-one and we're certain you'll agree.

1. Who are you and what do you do here at Baudville?


Free eBook Chapter Three: Determining the Scope of Your Recognition Program

In our conversations with customers and HR Professionals, we're learning that many companies want to start a recognition program—or have a few enthusiastic advocates within the organization who do. They understand that employee recognition is important and they also know that they need to keep up with the newer generations of workers who really thrive on that kind of positive feedback. But going from nothing to something—whether it's a small step or a big leap—can be really overwhelming. Does this sound like you?



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