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The 10 Best Sugar Cookie Recipes to Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day

I don’t know about you but I loooove sugar cookies. There’s just something about them that brings back the best memories of childhood. Even though National Sugar Cookie Day is on Saturday this year (July 9), why not bring a little child-like whimsy to the office by celebrating early? 


Quiz: Find Your Workplace Movie Doppelgänger

Haven't we all seen a movie about work and thought "OMG - that's so me!" Or noticed that an on-screen character is the twin of some unfortunate soul in accounting? Oh, yeah... I've daydreamed about smashing our copy machine to bits like the fellas from Office Space and I'm not ashamed to admit it! To find your ultimate workplace movie doppelgänger, take the quiz below:


4 Icebreaker Games for New Hires

It’s the first day for your new hire.  You’re thrilled to finally have someone to share the seemingly endless list of responsibilities around the office and bring new ideas to the table.  But their first days are probably filled with nervous jitters, tons of handshakes and of course miles of somewhat forced smiles.  No one likes being the new kid on the block.  That’s why it’s important to put your newbies at ease with activities that allow them to learn more about and bond with your current lineup of team members!


National High Five Day Scavenger Hunt

National High Five Day is Thursday, April 21!

Since the olden days (of 2002), National High Five Day has been a hallmark of April. It's the sole reason many of us look forward to the month... Okay, maybe you've never celebrated High Five Day (or even heard of it) but THANKFULLY, this year you've stumbled upon our humble blog and can take advantage of this truly awesome, seemingly made up holiday! It has a completely real website, fyi.

This year, we plan to celebrate by doing a scavenger hunt! So wash your hands, put on a big smile, and let's get started!


National Volunteer Week Starts Now!

This week is National Volunteer week! What will you do to make your volunteers feel valued?




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