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RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
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Give Your Employees a Standing Ovation with a Yearly Award Ceremony

If you’ve ever watched the Academy Awards, you’ve felt the emotion that comes through in acceptance speeches: the tears, the gratitude, the satisfaction in knowing that all that hard work was worth it. Receiving an Oscar is not only a big deal, it’s also an experience coveted by everyone in the industry.


5 Easy Gifts You Can Give (That Aren’t Gift Cards!)

In an ideal world, you’ve finished your decorating, holiday planning, and are well on your way to wrapping up the end of your holiday gifts! That last one, though… The one thing that takes a little more time and thought than the others and generally overstays it's welcome on my list of to-dos. Gifts!  If you’re anything like me in that regard, last minute shopping is something I promise myself won’t be the case each year.. But somehow, here I am!

In the midst of the frantic season that it is, sometimes it gets down to the wire and laziness sets in. It might sound easier to grab a gift card for each of your employees or co-workers and be on your merry way - but the truth is, that lacks effort and that directly correlates with feelings of appreciation – especially in the workplace.


Flashback Friday: Year-End Workplace Party Themes

We’re just a mere 35 days away from Christmas! Whoa! While we all want to give Halloween and Thanksgiving their appropriate time in the spotlight, I imagine your year-end event planning is already making its way to the top off your to-do list.

If you're anything like me, nailing down a theme for the event is the hardest part; what's going to be fun, engaging, and fairly easy to pull off? Once you set the theme, filling in the details to flow with the event gets a little easier. So, what are the best themes for year-end recognition events or year-end holiday parties? I'll show you how Baudville's past events have come together in this Flashback Friday post and you can decide if one of these tried-and-true successful themes might work for your company's year-end party!


Year End Award Guide: Our Top 5 Picks Make Your Shopping Easy!

Year-end ceremonies and holiday parties are coming up, and now is the ideal time to order your awards. Maybe you’ve been putting it off a bit. It may feel like a daunting task when you consider the hundreds of options available to you. Don’t stress! This guide will help you narrow your search and find the perfect award—no matter what the occasion is, who you’re presenting to, or how much you have in your budget. Let’s get started!


How to Use Lapel Pins for Recognition

Lapel Pins are a popular award for recognition programs because they are affordable, easy to display, and serve as a long lasting reminder of the recognition. To use lapel pins effectively, give them as a reward for a specific accomplishment or behavior. Here are a few of the most popular ways to use lapel pins for recognition:




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