RecogNation, an employee recognition blog


RecogNation, an employee recognition blog
It’s Time to recognize: Discover daily insights, ideas, and inspiration on all things employee recognition, corporate culture, and wellness.

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Kaleigh joined Baudville in 2015 as the Digital Marketing Coordinator. She's got a love for all things content, knack for all things wordy, and a passion for web marketing. With her eCommerce background, she wants to be sure to make your web experience more than great.
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Fun at Work: Giving Recognition in Under 5 Minutes!

Here at Baudville we have knack for internal recognition. Yes, we sell it, but most importantly, we believe in it. We stand behind recognition and the amazing effects it has in the workplace! This blog post features one of our new Baudvillians, Juna, and how she recognized someone on her team with some really great ideas: 


Goals, Roles, and Strategies: Planning Your Recognition Program 101

Anything successful does better with a thought-out plan... And we all know planning takes time. That's where Chapter Four of Designing and Implementing a Successful Recognition Program comes in. Dive into this free eBook for an easy-to-follow strategy and you'll be on your way to recognizing in no time!


Recognition For Business Results: Fuel For Success

Recognition. A word we use one hundred times a day at Baudville, but something that may be not-so-common in your vocabulary. Why is it important? What does it entail? How can I make it happen, along with my 1,000 other to-dos? Why is recognition worth it? We've got the answers for you.


Fun @ The 'Ville: Thoughtful Recognition

Here at Baudville, we love recognition. Not only recognition, but peer-to-peer recognition has a special place in our hearts, too. (That goes without saying... but I'll say it anyways!) This month's peer-to-peer spotlight comes from Dan Rogers, one of the head honchos of our sister company, IDville, who decided to recognize our internal newsletter team with a thoughtful e-mail:


Dog Days are Over: How to Boost Engagement in the Summer Months

The dog days are over! That is, if you strategically saved a stash of your PTO for the summer months (AKA: When everybody wants to be outdoors enjoying the sun instead of looking at it from thier desk.) But, if you didn’t, and your employees are in the same boat, you’re in luck. I’ve come up with a handful of ideas to keep you and your team productive when the struggle is real and the drag between the 4th and Labor Day feels like an eternity. We all know the importance of employee engagement and employee motivation, so I’ll get right to it:




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